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Aug 28, 2019 at 06:03 AM

MM: Split one invoice line item in two or more sub items

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The process:

Procurement of Hotel rooms every day. Hotel is invoicing Hotel room price plus breakfast and the so called city tax, so one price, I call this the room price inclusive. The room is charged with deductible tax, breakfast with non-deductible tax and the city tax (actually no tax) with zero tax. This applies to almost all Hotels, at least in the Netherlands.

Example: Room price inclusive is 90 Euro, which exist of:

  • Room 60 Euro at 9% deductible
  • Breakfast 20 Euro at 9% non-deductible
  • City Tax 10 Euro at 0%

I advised my customer to split the room price in three separate lines in the purchase order, so SAP is capable to do the three way match after invoicing. However, the customer wants to split the costs in the invoice only, because entering the purchase orders is in a very hectic environment and mistakes are easily made. The customer wants that the purchase order will have the room price inclusive and at the moment of entering the invoice, to split the item in this case in three sub line items including their respectively taxes. Entering invoices is not really in a hectic environment so less mistakes will be made.

Business wise I can imagine the sense of the request.

The question is there a possibility to split one purchase order line item in three sub-items (with fixed amounts) with their respectively taxes when entering the invoice?

Till so far I checked the multiple account assignment, but in that case I have to split the costs (Account assignment category K) in the purchase order based on % or quantity, besides that the customer does not want to carry out splitting in the purchase order because of the hectic environment, the split should be based on amount.