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Aug 27, 2019 at 09:02 AM

Integration Directory API for SAP Process Integration


Hi Folks,

I was going through the Integration Directory API Web-services provided by SAP. I am able to use certain API's like Changing the channel parameter (CommunicationChannelIn) and activating (ChangeListIn) the channel etc. But I came across one requirement for which I am unable to find the related web service for the same.

The requirement is when we transport any object (lets say SFTP Channel) from Dev Environment to QA Environment, the channel when imported into QA needs to be change where in we populate the QA SFTP Details in the channel by transferring the object from CTSADM user to our user change list and then activate the channel.

So for this, I need to know, whether SAP has provided any web service to transfer the object change list from CTSADM user to another user change list.