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Aug 26, 2019 at 03:44 PM

Not able to create automatic PO from the shipment cost document !


When we are trying to create PO from shipment cost document Po is not getting created.

After debugging we got to know that system is pulling the back dated delivery date.

Can anyone please reply on this.

No purchase order item was generated for shipment cost item 2000321522 000001

Message no. VY633


You have marked the shipment cost item for transmission to the financial accounting department. For this transaction, you need an order item. The system has attempted to create an order item, but has not succeeded in doing so.

System Response

Transmission of data to financial accounting without a valid order item is not possible. For this reason, all items that you have marked for transmission are reset.


The log displays further information as to why the system could not create an order, although all the settings in Customizing were configured. You can also create an order manually that corresonds to the shipment cost item and then transmit this again.