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Aug 23, 2019 at 11:25 AM

Restrict MF60 Staging OBD creation for EWM Rel Parts


Hi Guys,

We are doing EWM Release parts Staging via MF60. On clicking stage from MF60, system creates Staging OBD even if there is no available stock in Replenishment(REPL) location. We need to restrict this functionality so that system checks the available stock in Replenishment location and creates a staging OBD only for that available stocks.

Eg: Missing qty is 10EA. Repl Location Available Stock is 4 EA.

On clicking stage System creates Staging OBD for entire 10EA but task in EWM would be for 4EA.

Our requirement is that system should check available stock in REPL location and propose OBD only for 4EA. Incase of no stock,no OBD should be created, Kindly suggest how to achieve this in standard way.