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Aug 22, 2019 at 03:56 PM

S/4 HANA Retail Site Name in context of Site BP/C/V number range


Hello Retail Site Experts,

My question is in relation to Retail Site Name (or Code) in relation to Site BP/C/V [not about general BP/C/V/Contact person].

In ECC/S4 Hana Retail Industry systems usually the Name coding for Retail Plant (which is Site) = Site BP = Site Customer = Site Vendor [In S4]
eg. In S4 Hana 1610 onwards Site Number (1000) = Site Business Partner Number (1000) = Site Customer Numbers (1000) = Site Vendor Number (1000). In ECC Retail Name coding for Retail Site = Site Customer = Site Vendor
eg. Site Number (1000) = Site Customer Numbers (1000) = Site Vendor Number (1000).

It is generally considered that the SAP Best practice/industry practice and SAP recommendation is to have always the same code for all the 4 Site Objects (as described above). The BP role grouping for a site is usually different e.g. S_CUVN (BP Role Grouping) with it’s own number range reserved specific to the sites BP/C/V so that they match the Site code (using the relevant customizing).

I have never seen/heard any Retail client with differing coding for Site, Site BP, Site customer and Site vendor on ECC Retail or in S/4 Hana Retail

I have reviewed most the past and latest documents in relation to Retail Site Creation in Greenfield/Brownfield/Site Distribution , Simplification list for 1610,1709,1809 and blogs. Also following notes 2336853 - Site master checks for S/4HANA conversion,2310871 - S4TC IS-R-BD-SIT pre-check for site master/business partner harmonization , 2502552 - S4TC - SAP S/4HANA Conversion & Upgrade new Simplification Item Checks, 2310884 - SAP S/4HANA conversion for site master

I only found the following link where there is a very basic and brief reference to the name coding supporting that the code should be same.

Unfortunately , in any of the latest SAP documents it is not explicitly mentioned that Site/BP/C/V should have same name code (same range). References in 1709_2.1SiteConversion Guide documentation seems to suggest that Plant code and site BP/C/V can have differing codes i.e. (Site) 1000 (T001W) can have Site BP 1002 (BUT0000) assigned with Customer 1002 (KNA1) , vendor 3333 (LFB1)

I personally believe the reason is Retail , it harmonizes the objects name as a unique entity. When any user uses 1000 as master data object value for site in the system, it means consistently one thing or represents one thing throughout the system Site/plant/Site BP/Site Customer/Site Vendor. Therefore this is an advantage in Retail.

Non Retail systems of SAP did not had this capability and hence used other ways and means leading to varying codes representing the same site. For location , inventory/production is for plant 1000, but for revenue Customer 1002, for ordering purpose vendor 3333

Can anyone please tell me if there is a technical reason behind having Same Code for Site/Site BP/Site C/Site V having in context of S/4 Hana ..what breaks?
If I attempt to migrating ERP Plant (Non Retail) and various Customer & Vendors (representing the plant) to S/4 Hana Retail merging them to make a Retail Site while keeping the old number range as they were i.e. Naming Codes of Plant<>BP<>C<>V. Is it possible ?
Note: 1709_2.1SiteConversion Guide documentation is for Source Retail (ERP) to S/4 not for ECC(manufacturing) to S/4 Retail.

Thanks in Advance.
Anirban Roy