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Aug 22, 2019 at 10:10 AM

Init without data transfer & Full load or Init with data transfer?

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In which case (in point 3 below), I should go for Full load and Init load with data transfer? I already checked in the forum but still, I have a confusion.

EX: If I enhanced 2 fields in ECC (Say LO data-source), and I have historical data in BW. Now, I want historical data(3 years) in those 2 fields too and DSO in the flow. (Data-source -> Infocube)


1) Delete all data from the cube.

2) Fill setup tables

3) Do init without transfer and then full load. (So, the pointer will set first and while full load if any posting happen, it will sit in delta queue)


3) Init with data transfer and then Delta update.

Note: No Downtime.

which is the best approach?

(Points will be assigned for correct answer)