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Aug 16, 2019 at 10:23 AM

Soft State for UI5 and browser request not working

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I introduced the Soft State mechanism for my OData service as detailled in blog post How to use Soft-State support for OData services by Andre Fischer, many thanks for the blog post.

My OData service is used by a custom UI5 application which could make good use of a perfomance improvement on a specific task. I followed the steps of the blog post to understand the soft state and how to apply it but came up with an issue for UI5 which I couldn't find addressed so far.

I was able to see that the soft state is working when I use the Gateway Client in SAP GUI (/IWFND/GW_CLIENT - Gateway Client). On the other hand if the request is send by an URL request from browser or from a UI5 model request within a browser (Chrome) the Soft State is not working.

It appears in the latter case that each time a new session is created (I hit F5/enter or navigate within UI5 application) I wouldn't know how to force the browser to re-use the session to be honest. Also the UI5 model doesn't allow me to force a session re-use ?

When calling the URL in the Gateway client I can perfectly see the response parameter:

sap-processing-info ODataBEP=,crp=,st=,MedCacheHub=,codeployed=,softstate=X

This is not the case when calling from browser.

The break point in /IWBEP/IF_MGW_SOST_SRV_RUNTIME~OPERATION_START is reached when called by Gateway client and when called from browser, but in fact not called when called by UI5 request.

So I guess it is rather a question regarding the client side of it and especially UI5 configuration? However I hope anyone ever needed to really use the soft state like I do from within a UI5 application

best regards