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VL71/VL03N - Material Label Print Output for Outbound Delivery Line items

Hi Experts,

My requirement is to configure a Material label print output in reference to Delivery note. All the line items of an outbound delivery can be printed as material labels but should not allow same printing after GI.

In NACE, I have configured a new condition type "ZET1-Material Label-Delivery" with a requirement "902 - No printing after GI" under procedures "V10000 - Header Output".

Access sequence maintained is "0010 - DlvType/Shipping Point".

The primary conditions in Form are that material must have Label and Form value in material master and also, must carry a serial number.

I am able to get print preview for the delivery line items (via VL03N) but the system is not displaying to choose line items for print preview. The system is selecting first line and print preview and then come back and displaying another line item. Thus, the process keeps on moving till last item.

In addition to that, when I am using VL71 (Output from Deliveries); here also, the system is displaying only 1 line, NOT the line items numbers separately. Further, it is also behaving same as it is in VL03N.

Kindly suggest me if I am missing some settings. How VL71 will display delivery line items separately line item wise?

Previously, we have done GR material label settings also. It is working fine as expected via MB90. GR document is appearing with all the line items separately/individually.

Thanks in advance!!

Best regards,


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  • I am not sure exactly how your client wishes to use the label, but if they wish to print each item independent of all others, then why have you defined it as a header and not as an item output?

  • Thanks Veselina.

    You are right. I am new to SD so I was not aware.

    Instead of doing settings on Header level, now; I did it on item level.

    But, please guide me how to determine automatically same print output type for each line items in a delivery. At present, I can include manually in line item and get the print but it should be automatically.

    Are those settings are "V/73 - Assign Output Determination Procedures", "PRPPRO - Define print profiles" and "PRPSHP - Assign Delivery Output Types and Printer to Print Profiles"??



  • For most of the settings, related to new outputs, I use NACE - procedures, output type setup, records. V/73 is usually needed for new item categories, as to print profiles - depends on your output type settings. Setting up item output is similar to how you configure header output - the difference is the assignment of item categories to procedures.

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    Feb 15, 2017 at 10:36 AM


    Regarding your query on automatic determination output type, I would request you to check existing threads where there are answers like:

    Would request you to search it once before raising the query.


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  • Mar 21, 2017 at 03:21 PM

    Thanks Balaji.

    Yes, I checked and found the solution but could not respond before your response.

    I forgot to maintain output condition records so I did.

    Thanks once again for your help.



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