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Aug 21, 2019 at 07:34 AM

HANA Express SPS4 Upgrade - Trust Configuration Error



I just upgraded our HANA Express SPS3 instance towards SPS4 without any issues.

This system had an active, working SAML trust configuration setup with SAP IDP.

I am getting the following error now when I access the XSA Advanced Cockpit and go to the Trust Configuration settings:

One of the major reasons for us doing the upgrade was hoping that we would get the SAML logon auto-redirect configuration setup working as stated on 2608476 - How to automatically redirect users to SAML IdP on HANA XSA

A first test already shows that this is NOT the case .. the logon screen is still the default XSA. But obviously this might be impacted by the above error which seems to suggest that something is wrong anyways - although the link to the IDP logon is still active and can be used - SAML authentication still works.