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Aug 14, 2019 at 05:02 PM

Duplicate definition of attribute



I have an attribute named paymentType, that is being used for a B2C custom facade. I have added b2b extensions such as:

b2bacceleratorfacades b2bacceleratoraddon

and uses paymentType attribute too.

Now I have a definition error due b2bacceleratorfacades and renaultfacades:

[ycodegenerator] 25181 [main] ERROR de.hybris.bootstrap.beangenerator.BeanGenera tor - Duplicate definition of attribute (de.hybris.platform.commercefacades.ord in <renaultfacades> it has been already defined i n <b2bacceleratorfacades>. Problem found during processing the file D:\Public\hy bris\hybris\bin\custom\renault\renaultfacades\resources\renaultfacades-beans.xml for extension <renaultfacades> [ycodegenerator] BUILD FAILED D:\Public\hybris\hybris\bin\platform\build.xml:20: The following error occurred while executing this line: D:\Public\hybris\hybris\bin\platform\resources\ant\compiling.xml:88: The followi ng error occurred while executing this line: D:\Public\hybris\hybris\bin\platform\resources\ant\antmacros.xml:795: The follow ing error occurred while executing this line: D:\Public\hybris\hybris\bin\platform\resources\ant\antmacros.xml:798: de.hybris. bootstrap.beangenerator.BeanGenerationException: Duplicate definition of attribu te ( in <ren aultfacades> it has been already defined in <b2bacceleratorfacades>