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Aug 14, 2019 at 04:36 PM

CCO Reversal for Payment for Invoice


Hi experts,

we are currently using CCO version=2.0 FP07 PL02 with SBO ver 9.3. As sometimes CCO operators enter wrong amounts (or wrong mix payments methods) for Payments for Invoice, we are searching for a way to reverse or cancel such entries. In case that the amount of change nominally exceeds the amount due, no correction is possible and the balances in CCO and SBO do not match anymore (open invoice amount 999.- received 3000.- instead of the correct amount of 1000.- returned change of 2001.-) The amount of given change (2001.-) is deducted in the CCO balance, but of course does not have any posting in SBO. Returns as a reversal are only available to receipts that were created within CCO. Thank you in advance