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Mar 30, 2006 at 12:52 PM

Passing a program defined internal table to an abap object


Hi. I have an internal table that was previously defined and created by SAP that I need to process in a user exit. The table is defined exactly as shown below.

Is it possible to pass a table that was defined in this manner (not in the ABAP dictionary) as an argument to a method of an ABAP object?

If so, what would the data type of the itab parameter have to be when defining the object's method parameter list? Is it necessary to somehow "cast it" to the KNA1 table type once I receive the table into the method? If so, what is the data type of the object's receiving variable/attribute?

data: begin of lkna1 occurs 0001.

include structure kna1 .


end of lkna1 .

Just as one additional piece of information, I am using version 4.5B and I am trying to do this through se24.

Thanks so much!