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Aug 12, 2019 at 06:26 PM

Duplicate Account statements are printing using FPCOPARA


Hello Team,

I am running transaction code FPCC0002 based on company code , I am getting 1200 account statements and then I ran transaction code FPCOPARA for print Account statements and check spool request got 1600 statements . I verified some of the statements those are duplicate account statements . Kindly give me some knowledge where I can check for the duplicate statements .

I have checked FQEVENTS for FPCOPARA they are linked to custom FM and I checked those code lines are correct , they just copied standard FM and added additional logic for custom smart forms Name passed to DFKKCOH-FORMKEY and DFKKCOH-FORMKEY_RDI.

I have checked all scn post , I didnt get any solution. Kindly help me .