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Mar 30, 2006 at 10:10 AM

Retrieving User Details from UME like email


Hi i have developed a wd appln where sap authentication is checked true. The user is authenticated against the UME of the same WAS on the appln is deployed.

I am able to get the name of the user from the code below.

IWDClientUser user = WDClientUser.getCurrentUser();

clientID = user.getClientUserID();

firstName = user.getFirstName();

lastNAme = user.getLastName();

Can anyone tell how can i get email that is mentioned in UME for that user.There is no method to get email.

and what does this clientID mean.

and in the following statement

IUser iUser = user.getSAPUser();

what will getSAPUser return.


Nilesh Taunk.