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Aug 07, 2019 at 03:04 AM

Add markup value to cost conditon (VPRS) during PGI


Dear Friends,

I got a very strange requirement from the business i.e. add some markup % to cost condition "VPRS" then post final cost to COGS and Inventory during PGI.

VPRS is $100 and markup (ZTMP) 10%; Final Cost (ZPRS) is 110

Below is the background for this requirement.

Client is selling articles to customers through different e-com channels and each channel has dedicated DC to fulfill customer shipments.

Ex: Channel X has DC "X000", Channel Y has DC Y000"

Shipments will fulfill from DC "Y000" for channel "X" in two different scenarios. If we use intercompany process, cost difference can be handled through intercompany price but unfortunately intercompany process is not in scope. So business is asking to add markup % as shown in the above example to actual cost in DC Y000 to derive the final cost then post it to inventory and COGS accounts during PGI.

Option1). I have configured different condition types and maintained the routine to calculate final cost but it is not posting G/L because cost is fetching from article valuation segment during GI.

Option2).post markup % value to same inventory and COGS accounts as different entries than VPRS price. So business can see actual cost and markup value in the accounting document.

Kindly advise any enhancements or configuration options to accomplish above requirement. Your immediate response will be appreciated immensely


Govind. A