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Aug 08, 2019 at 03:47 PM

Is there a way to create a formula in field explorer to plug into calculated members?


I've built a report that stacks 10 crosstabs one after another and they all share the same set of calculated members that add up some columns to give a subtotal and occasionally, we may add or remove members over time. For example, I could have the below calculation for one subtotal called "Portfolio Set A":

GridValueAt(CurrentRowIndex, GetColumnPathIndexOf(1,"Portfolio 1"), CurrentSummaryIndex) + GridValueAt(CurrentRowIndex, GetColumnPathIndexOf(2,"Portfolio 2"), CurrentSummaryIndex) + GridValueAt(CurrentRowIndex, GetColumnPathIndexOf(3,"Portfolio 3"), CurrentSummaryIndex)

Instead of updating, copying and pasting this into each of the 10 crosstab when I make a change, Is there a way to create a formula in the field explorer for example called "@Value:Portfolio Set A" that I can drop into the actual formula inside each of the crosstab calculated members so that I'd only need to update this formula and it would automatically be picked up by all 10 crosstabs? I would like to do this for the insertion formula as well.

When I tried to copy and paste the formula into a field explorer formula, it errors out saying "This function can be used only within the context of a value grid."(understood, but saved anyway to drop it in the calculated member but that doesn't work). Thanks in advance