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Aug 07, 2019 at 01:55 PM

Firoi Elements - List Report - "Copy As" option


Hello All,

I am working on FIORI elements list report and backend as CDS-BOPF. My requirement is to add COPY AS button in list report table toolbar and navigate to object page in create mode with selected table entry values. Please help me if anyone has worked on this kind of scenario.

Below is the analysis I've done and couldn't find any solution.

1. Create a COPY AS button in list page table toolbar (Created this button using list page extensions).

2. On clicking on COPY AS button, I am able to navigate to object page using extension API & navigate internal, but it takes me object page in display & edit mode.

3. Instead of navigate internal, I used fire start method of create button (+) and able to navigate to object page without any data in it.

Is there any way I can navigate to object page with copying the data in create mode?