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Aug 07, 2019 at 07:09 AM

Get data from SAP ABAP system using Python in SAP Conversational AI


Hi Experts,

I am very new to the SAP Conversational AI and was able to create my first bot on real time project use-case.

But the main issue is to extract the data from SAP back end system(the system do not have netweaver gateway installed),hence I was using RFC connect approach with python script. The connection works fine in standalone python script(file is saved as .py). I have installed flask, sapcai and requests in the system as well.

1.) Can you please help in guiding me how to connect the bot with the python using flask and how we can exchange the parameters from bot to SAP and vice versa.

2.) Flask will also generate the http request and as I understand we cannot post the URL in the bot. How to integrate the service to get https request.

Any kind of suggestion will be helpful in this regard.

Thanks and Regards,

Sakshi Garg