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Aug 06, 2019 at 02:14 PM

How to get the x ,y value from GeoMap Configuration Layer?


Hi All,

We are working on a Custom SAPUI5 Development which includes GeoMap feature. we are using sap.ui.vbm.GeoMap. i used the below map configuration code to plot the vbm layer.

var oMapConfig = {
        "MapProvider": [{
            "name": "GMAP",
            "Source": [{
            "id": "s1",
            "url": "{X}&y={Y}&z={LOD}"
        "MapLayerStacks": [{
                "name": "DEFAULT",
                "MapLayer": {
                        "name": "layer1",
                        "refMapProvider": "GMAP",
                        "opacity": "1",
                        "colBkgnd": "RGB(255,255,255)"

when i do the debug in the network tab, i see URL spitted into multiple tiles with different x and y values to form the Tile . How do i get the x and y values via my controller code? i did the debug but still not able to find it.

oMap.getMapConfiguration also noting returns.

Please help me to identify it.

Thank you,