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Aug 06, 2019 at 12:39 PM

Fiori Elements: Chart on Object Page is not shown since SAPUI5 1.60


I've got the following problem with our Fiori Elements apps: After upgrading on premise from UI5 1.52 to 1.60, all Fiori Elements Apps containing a chart in the Object Page (List-Report Apps) stopped working properly. The behavior is as follows:

1. Start App -> List -> Select Entry -> Navigate to Object Page -> Render Chart correctly -> Navigate Back to List Page
2. Select another entry -> Navigate to Object Page -> No Chart is rendered anymore. Instead of I can find the following error message in the console.
Assertion failed: The length of the given section must be positive greater than 0.

I've tested our apps against different versions of UI5 and up to 1.58.x everything works fine. Starting from 1.60 the issue appears.

Can anybody help me out with some hints and knowledge what has changed from 1.60 and up? Thanks