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Aug 06, 2019 at 04:24 AM

ME5A Transaction code, addition of new fields in ALV.


Hi All,

I have a enhancement where i have to add a new field in ALV for ME5A Tcode, so i have added the code using the Implicit enhancement and added the particular field which was needed in INCLUDE CL_EBANDB. The field was automatically added in EBAN table and all places needed, I executed the ALV with necessary input data and ALV is displayed with that particular field. As everything was successful, moved the code to Pre-Prod to testing. Got a dump while executing the ME5A tcode, checked the short dump in ST22 found out that the field which was included in the CL_EBANDB was not moved to Pre-Prod. So cross checked the Transport Request, the field was not captured at all and that was the reason the DUMP is happening. Tried deleting the field and added again in Development to capture the changes, but it was not asking for the TR. Need a help on how to move the field changes to Pre-Prod or how can we solve the issue?

Added the screenshot from ME5A Tcode in Development.

But in Pre-Prod getting short Dump


me5a-dev.png (6.2 kB)
me5a-preprod.png (24.7 kB)