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The workflow status not updated when task started from UWL

Feb 13, 2017 at 01:25 PM


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Hello everyone,

In the SAP portal, when processing a UWL approval task, the workflow task status in the ECC is not updated. All workflows have this issue. To exclude any issues related to our custom workflows, I've created a simple one-step-approval workflow using the standard SAP decision task TS00008267. In the UWL, I start the approval task. Then, I check the status in the workflow log, which now should show 'In Process'. But, the status remains in 'READY'. In fact, the task can be accessed by other users, since it is available in their inbox. It seems that the UWL is not reserving the task.

However, when the UWL task is actioned (e.g. approved), the status in the workflow log in ECC is updated accordingly.

It is to mention that we didn't have this issue before our ECC upgrade from 7.31 to 7.4 and the SAP Portal upgrade to 7.5.

The XML file is the standard one in order to exclude any potential configuration issue.

Any idea why this is happening?



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Hi Shahram

If I understood your description correctly, we're here discussing about the topic covered by the following blog:

As you can see referenced in the blog, the UWL is not responsible for reserving/not reserving the work item/task. It's the application responsibility to do so.

Kind regards,


Hi Armando,

Thanks for your reply. I had closed the question already. However, I have commented on the link you have referred to, if you are interested in reading it.



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1 Answer

Tejas Asodekar Feb 13, 2017 at 08:17 PM

I am not sure where the problem lies but have you tried approving the task from SAP inbox? Are you facing the same problem when task is approved from workflow inbox?

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The workflow behaves as expected in the ECC environment.