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Mar 30, 2006 at 04:41 AM

Updating SAP table field directly?


Hi all,

The client is using SAP for 2-3 years and this will be replaced by new SAP system ( same version - 4.6c) in few months.

So as to get data from old system we are doiong conversion right now. In this client, PO creator name is very important and it drives so many things. When we will do conversion and convert old PO into the PO in the new system, the username ( created by) will be "batch user".

Client somehow want to retain the username, the original username of old POs.

For this, they are asking to update the EKKO-ERNAM field directly once the new POs are created ( we will have old PO - new PO mapping and user name).

In my view, it is not advisable to update the SAP standard table directly. But i want the opinion from you guys that what are the implications of updating field directly. Is it advisable? Is there any other way to meet this requirement?