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Mar 29, 2006 at 08:58 PM

Master Data Delta Load failing



We have a master data process chain that does a delta load of 0MATERIAL_ATTR, OMATERIAL_TEXT etc....

On 3/26/06 at 8:15 pm was the last time this process chain ran successfully.

On 3/27/06 at 8:15 pm the process chain failed on the first step: 0MATERIAL_ATTR (Delta Update) and thus did not process furthur.

The reason the chain failed was because the message server was down, so no BW requests were successful. i have all my other data loads running correctly now. So this Master Data problem is the last mystery I need to figure out.

When I look at the monitor for the failed 0MATERIAL_ATTR (Delta) I see a message that says "Non-updated Idocs found in Source System"

When I click 'Process manually' in the monitor. it says 'incorrect data packets are now updated again'

The chain was attempted to be ran on 3/28/06 at 2:25 pm and it failed again at the same step. The message in monitor this time was 'Sending packages from OLTP to BW lead to errors'

The chain was again attempted to be run on 3/28/06 at 5:06 pm. Again it failed at the same step. the message this time was 'Update mode R is not supported by the extraction API'.

I tried to manually run the infopackage outside of the chain and I got this message when I clicked 'Start'. "the last delta update was incorrect" Therefore, no new delta update is possible. You can cancel the request or: Attempt to load the data of the last delta update again." I click 'Request again' and I get the message: 'Update mode R is not supported by the extraction API'.

All of these loads transferred 0 records and failed.

Any advice on how I can get my master data on track again?