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Mar 29, 2006 at 04:07 PM

SAP bug? Query variable list after refresh only show previous selection!


We kind of feel this is a SAP bug that when we run a query, it goes to an input screen for variables. If we input a value into a variable input box, run the query. Then later if we click the picture icon to refresh the query to bring the input screen back, we can see the value we input before stays there (that's correct), get rid of the value from the field, click the button next to it to get to the list window for this field, find that only the value we input before is in the list, other than the whole value list for this field!

We know that there is picture icon at the bottom line of the input list window which is "All Value" and if we click it, the list window will show all value list, but you know it's hard to educate customers/clients to every time to click this kind of hidden picture icon to be able to show all the list of values after they have input a value in this field.

Maybe you guys have experienced this or you can try yourself on your query to see. Our customer won't sign off this query with this problem even if we can educate them to click the kind of hidden picture icon to show whole list. Any idea?