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Mar 29, 2006 at 04:01 PM

Command Line Modifying File


Hello -

I have done an IDOC->XI-File scenario, everything looks good except for one line that needs to be added.

Without using XSLT/JAVA mapping (not that complex scenario), is it possible to modify the file that has been received to add an extra line.

For e.g after i have received the file, looks like this:





Can i write a command line program for the file receiver adapter in the communication channel to modify the receiver file to add an extra line.

For e.g.


This is a test




This is an example but in the real case its a huge file and believe me its a straight mapping from IDOC to the file but only thing needed is an extra line of text that needs to be added for which i do not want to use the XSLT or JAVA mapping programs.

Is it possible through the command line to read the Received file and modify the file by writing that extra line.

Any clues would really help.