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Mar 29, 2006 at 03:49 PM

Can't add a webdynpro project to DTR...


Hi at all,

I've posted this already to WebDynpro but I don't know how to move it because it is maybe better to post it here.

I have created a local webDynpro application and as I got access to my DTR I added it to it. Everything was looking fine until I said that I want to remove the application from my client and created the project again.

On creating the WebDynpro project, the NWDS give me some error messages that some files are readonly!

(Web Dynpro Generation: Existing output file .../roadmap/ is read-only!)

After that I removed the readonly flag in the windows explorer and rebuilded the project. But on the next checkin and sync from the DTR I got the same message.

I deleted the webdynpro project from the DTR and made sure that all files of my local copy were writable.

But still, if I create the project on the DTR, there are some files that are readonly if I sync them from there...

Does anyone know what the DTR is doing there, why it's automatically setting some files to readonly and how to solve that problem???

I read a lot in SDN how to add a project in the DTR, but all that doesn't solve my problem. I have no idea what I can do else.

I'm appreciated for answers.