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Mar 29, 2006 at 04:05 AM

Importing Check tables using extractor programs


Hi everyone,

I am new to MDM and hence am confused about certain steps in importing data. I am on MDM 5.5 SP3. I have the following requirement:

a. Using IDOCs via XI, i would extract customer data onto XML file.

b. I want to import this data using import manager.

My question is:

1. Is uploading check tables a pre-requiste to importing customer records? If yes, can this can be done using the ZMDME...extractor programs (given in OSS note 830864)provided by SAP and how?

2. Also when I try to use the standard maps provided i.e 03_Account_Groups_R3, I get the message "Account groupss cannot be loaded as it is not a source". I get this message even though I have selected the correct client.

Any pointers to the 2 questions mentioned above would be of great help.