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IT0008 dublicated in payroll (when change in pay action is triggered)

Feb 13, 2017 at 09:57 AM


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Hi Experts,
I'm facing a problem when "Change in Pay" action is taken.
wheat happen that if and employee with basic salary 500$
and "change in pay" happens to him and the basic salary is changed to 600&.

in payroll run I have both of 500+600 calculated in the same month.

EMP ID ||| Basic Salary ||| End Date
4618 ||| 500$ ||| 15042017
4618 ||| 600$ ||| 16042017

now in payroll run the "normal and expected thing to happen" is
250$(01042017-15042017)+300$(16042017-30042017) as basic salary for the employee.
but what I get is 500$+600$ for the employee in 01042017-30042017

here is the processing class for the WT9000 (Basic Salary)

any help?

0.png (16.2 kB)
1.png (15.9 kB)
2.png (15.9 kB)
3.png (15.5 kB)
4.png (15.7 kB)
5.png (14.8 kB)
6.png (12.3 kB)
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Vladimir Semashko Feb 14, 2017 at 10:58 AM


It seems that factoring doesn't work for you. Try to change processing class 10 of WT 9000. I do not know your country version so I cannot suggest exact value. Check what is configured for SAP model wage types.


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Hi Vladimir,
yes the problem it was in Factoring PCR and it was fixed.
thanks :)

Rémi Corriveau Feb 14, 2017 at 05:31 PM

As with any Payroll inquiries, it is always preferable to mention the Country since many elements of Payroll is Country Specific.

Now, you mention that Factoring for WT 9000 does not work for the employee you tested, but does Factoring work for an other WageType?

Check out the value of Pr.Cl. 10 for WT 9000, and then check what processing happens for that value in pcr XVAL.

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Hi Remi,
Sorry of incpomlete details,
after many hours I've fixed the problem.
it was related to Factoring PCR which was generating a special factoring with paid absence.

thanks :)