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Mar 28, 2006 at 10:33 PM

existing intranet ITS based iview to be exposed to internet



We have an intranet portal. We have some iViews pointing to a standalone ITS server (6.20).

Of course these iViews are pointing to the ITS via the system entry in the system landscape file of portal.

Now I am required to make the portal available over the internet along with the ITS based iViews.

I understand that I need to place a reverse proxy infrastructure within an outer DMZ and then dedicate some portal application servers for internet usage, where the configuration of the reverse proxy and the dedicated internet portal application servers allows for rewriting of the portal intranet web address to a portal extranet web address.

Now the tricky part is the following:

The same roles and iViews need to be accessed from within intranet and internet; however, the ITS iViews are pointing to the intranet ITS.

1) Can the same intranet ITS server be also configured to work with the reverse proxy server depending if the access is intranet or internet(so the rewriting of the intranet ITS web address to internet web address take place only for internet users)?

2) Or do you I need my own dedicated ITS for internet users and therefore need to have a different set of ITS based iViews (for internt access) pointing to a different system entry in my portal system landscape definition file?