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Mar 28, 2006 at 09:19 PM

Content Conversion in JMS Adapter


Hi All,

I am having a scenario JMS - XI - JDBC.

Now I have to do the content conversion in the incming records.

The sample incoming data is as follows:-

<Field1>,<Field2>, ...,<Fieldn> -->Row1

{<Field1A>,<Field2A>, ...,<FieldnA>} -->Row2

{<Field1A>,<Field2A>, ...,<FieldnA>} -->Row3

<Field1B>,<Field2B>, ...,<FieldnB> -->Row4

{<Field1C>,<Field2C>, ...,<FieldnC>} -->Row5

{<Field1C>,<Field2C>, ...,<FieldnC>} -->Row6

{<Field1C>,<Field2C>, ...,<FieldnC>} -->Row7

Now at the target, we have 3 oracle tables, in which the data from the Row1 &4 will go to Table 1, Row2&3 --> Table2 and Row5,6 &7 --> Table3.

The source data type that i m using is of the structure:-


















Please help me out in the modules configuraton, how this can be handled.

Thanks in advance, hope to receive some solution at the earliest.