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Mar 28, 2006 at 09:02 PM

File Content Conversion



I need to generate an XML file of the following structure:













I could have only 1 name and designation and multiple addresses in one employee recordset.

I am using FCC ( File content conversion)

Here are the parameters:

Recordset Structure: Name,1,Address,*,Designation,1

Key Field Name: key

Key Field Type: Integer

Name.fieldNames: first,last

Address.fieldNames: key,street,city,zip

Name.fieldSeparator: ,

Address.fieldSeparator: ,

Designation.endSeparator: nl

Address.keyFieldInStructure: 1

My input is:

Sam,Smith,1,100 Golden Drive,San Diego,77990,1,121 silver beach,san diego,77905,Manager

Dave,Green,1,111 abey lane,orange,77665,HR

Can you tell me what more I need to specify to get this working?