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How to find "Where used list" of an object. ( IF IT IS USED IN SPRO Configuration settings ).

Dear SAP Guru's,

Issue: I am looking for a way in which I can find the Where used list of a function module if it is used in SPRO settings ( Dynamic Usage ). ( Normal Where Used List on the FM is not working as it is not being used anywhere else except in the SPRO Settings / Configurations )

Note: There are certain Function modules in our system which are not being used anywhere except for the SPRO settings/Configuration. How would I know that and How can I find them all?

Thanks for your assistance in advance.


With Regards,

Anirudh Vishwamithra.

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  • Anirudh,

    Seems it is not an easy task to list out all the FMs that are getting called dynamically.

    Refer to this thread.


  • Why do you need this information?

  • Former Member Jelena Perfiljeva

    Hi Jelena,

    We are doing a clean up in our systems and So starting with, we are trying to find function modules in our systems which are not being used anymore through CCLM.

    So to cross check we did the where-used for that and found out that they are not being used anywhere. Later we found out that some of them are being used in SPRO Configuration settings.

    Hence the question. Thanks in advance.


    With Regards,
    Anirudh Vishwamithra.

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2 Answers

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    Feb 14, 2017 at 08:06 PM

    You can't "clean up" standard function modules, so are you saying that you've added some customizations in SPRO? Wouldn't you have some kind of documentation about this?

    CCLM is exactly meant to cover the scenarios when "where used" is not helpful. It's supposed to be based on the actual usage statistics. Of course, you'd want such statistics to cover broader base and include your DEV system plus objects that might be used rarely. So I'd say you just need to use CCLM better. Or find the documentation. There is no "easy button", sorry.

    P.S. Appreciate the regards but we can very well see your name next to the avatar already.

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    • Former Member

      Hi Jelena,

      We are not cleaning up Standard Function Modules, We are cleaning the Z function modules, which we are not using in our system anymore through CCLM.

      Anyway, points noted. I will not put my name with regards next time :) Have a wonderful day. I will be closing this thread.

  • Feb 13, 2017 at 08:09 PM

    Hi Anirudh

    The right way would be to find the underlying technical object of that SPRO config a table or FM as you are using then use the Where -used functionality.

    Also to be able to get more help you should have specified the exact SPRO path and as Jelena mentioned the logic behind trying to do this as it sounds a bit weird



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