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Mar 28, 2006 at 03:09 AM

Forum Search Tips


Couldnt find a method of doing an X AND Y search in the Help/FAQ, but after a bit of trial and error got it to work.

if you do a search for

Invoice Email

the results(Result count =1186) contain either 'Invoice' OR 'Email' but if you use

+Invoice +Email

the result is a much smaller((Result count =15) ) and all entries will have BOTH terms i.e. 'Invoice' AND 'Email'

anyway it has helped me quickly find the info I am after

i.e throw in a +Dim to get entries with Code examples

Alternatively you can do a search and EXCLUDE terms

such as

+email -dim

this will result in entries that have the term 'email' but exclude the term 'dim'..

make sure that the +(Or -) has no space betwen it and the term you are searching for

Also I used the Forum Search that allows you to set 'All' for the date range rather than the default Last 90 Days.

If anyone else has any cool tips please add them here...