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Mar 28, 2006 at 01:10 AM

Finding the original quanitity on sales order : Select Query on CDPOS ?


Hello ABAPers,

I have created a sales order and I changed the order quantity over many times using Va02. If i want to programatically determine the orginal quantity, on the sales order when it was created , how would i determine ?

I thought, I would do a select query on CDPOS table and find out. But i found from se16 that for the Object ID - VERKBELEG and Object id = 00000XXXXX ( where XXXXX is sales order number), the VBEP and VBAP entries for Update mode shows no Old_vales and New_values.

But if i click on environment>Changes> in Va02 for that particular Sales order, I see the old and new values list.

Why is this not listed in CDPOS ? How do I progrmatically determine the original quanitity on Sales order ?