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Former Member
Mar 27, 2006 at 03:29 PM

Yikes! Clickable charts..


I am in the process of converting some .NET web apps over to EP6 using the .NET PDK for a client. However, I've run into a major snag.

Many of the web apps here involve dotnetCHARTING component which is a clickable chart component. We've used the standard workaround listed in the .NET PDK documentation and gotten charts to render in .NET iViews as bitmap images with no problem, but this is not what they need.

For example they have a chart which is by year. Then they click on a bar in the chart representing a particular year and it calls another page which is a chart by month. then you click a month and it takes you to a Datagrid listing dates.

So, guys, can y'all put on your thinking caps and help me come up with a solution for this one? 😉 Thanks! --Shibli