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Mar 27, 2006 at 01:21 PM

Select All command



I try hard to implement a uicommand that permits to select all the objects from my basket iview (as yet i have to select the checkboxes one by one).

Although i did what has been said in the sdn ()

the action does not work.

this is the classe I have implemented, is there something wrong with it?

public class KMUISelectAllCommand extends AbstractCommand

implements BasketConstants


private final static Location log = Location.getLocation(KMUISelectAllCommand.class);

private List values;

private String RESOURCE_TYPE;

public KMPUISelectAllCommand()


values = null;

RESOURCE_TYPE = "resourcetype";

log.debugT(Category.APPLICATIONS, "KMUISelectAllCommand...");


public LinkAttributes getLinkAttributes()


String sURL = "javascript:var f = parent.document.forms[0];var CHECKBOX = 'checkbox';for(i=0;i<f.length;i++){if(f.elements.type==CHECKBOX){f.elements.checked=true;var imgElement=parent.document.getElementById( + '_img');imgElement.className='urImgCbgImgChk';}}";

return new LinkAttributes(sURL,"_this",true);


public String[] getTargetParameters()

throws WcmException


String result[] = new String[1];

result[0] = super.resource.getRID().getPath();

return result;


public boolean isExecutable()


return true;


public boolean raisesEvent()


return false;


public ICommand getNewInstance()


return initNewInstance(new KMUISelectAllCommand());


public void setTargetParameters(List values, IResourceContext context)


this.values = values;

super.context = context;


public IRenderingEvent execute(IScreenflowData data)

throws WcmException


log.debugT(Category.APPLICATIONS, "KMUISelectAllCommand execute(data)");

TextView tv = new TextView("tvid");

tv.setText("Do you really want to do this?");

ConfirmComponent cc = new ConfirmComponent(





String sRid = (String)this.values.get(0);

RID rid = RID.getRID(sRid, null);

OneStepScreenflow oscf = new OneStepScreenflow(






return oscf.execute();

//return new RenderingEvent(null);


public IRenderingEvent execute(IResource res, Event event) throws WcmException {

log.debugT(Category.APPLICATIONS, "KMUISelectAllCommand execute(resource, event)");

if (event instanceof ConfirmEvent) {

ConfirmEvent cce = (ConfirmEvent)event;

if (ConfirmEvent.CHOICE_YES.equals(cce.getChoice())) {

// do the action here ...

return new InfoEvent(Status.OK, "Done !");

} else if (ConfirmEvent.CHOICE_NO.equals(cce.getChoice())) {

return ConfirmComponent.onNo(event, res.getContext().getLocale());

} else if (ConfirmEvent.CHOICE_CANCEL.equals(cce.getChoice())) {

return ConfirmComponent.onCancel(event, res.getContext().getLocale());



return new InfoEvent(Status.ABORT, "Aborted.");