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Jul 29, 2019 at 05:40 AM

Orbeon Form - reCAPTCHA Field required error after submitting form


I'm struggling to make reCAPTCHA work in my Orbeon form. I'm using ORBEON 2017.2.2 PE with Hybris 6.6. After submitting the form, I get the error "Please check your answer to the CAPTCHA challenge" even though the captcha is correct.

Created a common Form and added reCAPTCHA as per official Orbeon documentation:

Added my private and public keys to the properties file Added the reCAPTCHA property to my form:


This is the process executed when clicking the SUBMIT button:

      then save
     then send(
      uri        = "https://myurl",
      method     = "PUT"
      then navigate(uri = "https://myurl")

I see the reCAPTCHA at the bottom of my form as expected When I click SUBMIT after filling up the form and completing the captcha successfully, I see a popup saying "There are validation errors. Please retry once all fields have been properly filled-out." And the form displays this error for the captcha field: "Please check your answer to the CAPTCHA challenge." So I'm clearly missing something. I know there are some configurations needed for the fr-verify-done and fr-verify-error to be added, but the Orbeon documentation does not specify how to configure those through PROPERTIES. They only say how to add those event listeners while adding the captcha component by hand (editing the source code of the form through Form Builder).

Things that I tried and didn't work:

Dispatching an fr-verify event when submitting:

 xf:dispatch(name = "fr-verify", targetid = "captcha")
 then validate-all 
 then save 
 then send( uri = "https://myurl", method = "PUT" ) 
 then navigate(uri = "https://myurl")

Adding the reCAPTCHA component to the form source code as per Orbeon documentation:

 <fr:recaptcha id="my-captcha">
 <xf:send ev:event="fr-verify-done" submission="save-submission"/>
 <xf:action ev:event="fr-verify-error">
 <xf:toggle case="failure-case"/>
 <xf:dispatch target="my-captcha" name="fr-reload"/>

When I click SAVE after adding the excerpt above, the Form Builder crashes. Same happens if I try to add the same excerpt to a form through the online demo form builder provided by Orbeon : That is super weird since I'm adding code provided by them using the online last version of the form builder, and it still crashes when trying to save it. So that makes me think the problem I have is not related to my platform, but with Orbeon itself.

This is the error I get in the online demo for Form Builder after adding the recaptcha excerpt to the source code of the form: "Cannot read property 'call' of undefined'

There're no relevant LOGS that I can provide, I activated debug level logs for Orbeon and I'm not getting any useful info.

Most probably this is a problem within hybris. Is there any call to the Persistence API when the fr-verify event is triggered or when the form fields are being validated? Cause I've been trying to debug every backend hybris api related to Orbeon and nothing is called when the captcha is validated nor during form fields validation.

I would really appreciate if someone can guide me through with either: - Configuring the fr-verify events without changing the source code of the form using Form Builder, OR - Adding the reCAPTCHA component through Form Builder successfully without making it crash, OR - Anything you can come up with to make my form with captcha work

Stackoverflow question:

Thanks in advance, David