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Jul 25, 2019 at 05:36 PM

Get Server error when accessing an address, but no stack trace


I have a hybris website with a single mapping. Each time I try to access a particular url:

alt text

Is there any way to debug such an error?

This is the controller of the page:

 @RequestMapping(value = "/cart")
 public class CartPageController extends AbstractPageController
     private static final String CART_CMS_PAGE = "cartPage";
     private static final Integer DEFAULT_COOKIE_EXPIRY_AGE = 5184000;
     private static final String DEFAULT_CART_IDENTIFIER_COOKIE_NAME = "";
     private static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger(CartPageController.class);
     @Resource(name = "cartFacade")
     private CartFacade cartFacade;
     @Resource(name = "userService")
     private UserService userService;
     @Resource(name = "baseStoreService")
     private BaseStoreService baseStoreService;
     @Resource(name = "catalogVersionService")
     private CatalogVersionService catalogVersionService;
     @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET)
     public String showCart(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, final Model model)
             throws CMSItemNotFoundException
         CartData cartData = cartFacade.getSessionCartWithEntryOrdering(true);
         final String cartCookieIdentifier = getCartCookieIdentifier();
         if (!cartFacade.hasEntries())
             final String cartId = getCookieValue(request, cartCookieIdentifier);
             final Optional<CartData> cartDataOptional = cartFacade.getCartsForCurrentUser().stream()
                     .filter(c -> c.getCode().equals(cartId)).findFirst();
             if (cartDataOptional.isPresent())
                 cartData = cartDataOptional.get();
         setCookieValue(response, cartCookieIdentifier, cartData.getCode());
         model.addAttribute("cart", cartData);
         String model1 = getViewForPage(model);
         return model1;
     protected void setupPageModel(Model model) throws CMSItemNotFoundException
         storeCmsPageInModel(model, getContentPageForLabelOrId(CART_CMS_PAGE));
         setUpMetaDataForContentPage(model, getContentPageForLabelOrId(CART_CMS_PAGE));
     protected String getCookieValue(final HttpServletRequest request, final String cookieName)
                 .filter(c -> c.getName().equals(cookieName))
     protected void setCookieValue(final HttpServletResponse response, final String cookieName, final String cookieValue)
         final Cookie cookie = new Cookie(cookieName, cookieValue);
     protected String getCartCookieIdentifier()
         final String baseStoreId = getCurrentBaseStoreId();
         final String catalogId = getCurrentProductCatalogId();
         if (StringUtils.isNotEmpty(baseStoreId) && StringUtils.isNotEmpty(catalogId))
             return baseStoreId + "-" + catalogId;
     protected String getCurrentBaseStoreId()
         final BaseStoreModel baseStore = baseStoreService.getCurrentBaseStore();
         return baseStore == null ? StringUtils.EMPTY : baseStore.getUid();
     protected String getCurrentProductCatalogId()
         for (final CatalogVersionModel catalogVersionModel : catalogVersionService.getSessionCatalogVersions())
             if (!((catalogVersionModel.getCatalog() instanceof ContentCatalogModel) || (catalogVersionModel
                     .getCatalog() instanceof ClassificationSystemModel)))
                 return catalogVersionModel.getCatalog().getId();
         return StringUtils.EMPTY;

The content of the jsp page is not really that important since it can be empty and this behaviour still happens. I do not know exactly what could be the root of this. Is there any effective way to debug such issues?