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Jul 18, 2019 at 02:04 PM

Issue SimpleResponsiveBanner and Product Gallery Images


Hi Experts,

This is regarding an issue with SimpleResponsiveBannerComponent and ProductGalleryImages section images.

Hybris verison : 1811

When the home page or pdp page is loading on the browser, the image section displays broken image icon for a few sections and then it loads the actual images.

I can see those <img> doesn't contain src attribute but contain data-src which is used by JS to render the images.

I'm using clean OOTB b2c_acc recipe (No customizations). I'm not sure is it an issue with Out of the box code. It happens in all dev environments.

One solution I think of is , setting a default image for src attribute. But it is tedious as it needed to be done on multiple places in the code.

Could you please recommend a solution to resolve this issue?

Thanks and Regards,