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Jul 17, 2019 at 01:07 PM

How to modify solr indexing property name in resolvers?


Hi experts, I have requirement to show the prices value based on store. I have to achieve this with ValueResolvers . Below is the example

solr indexed property name is - allprices When i have indexed the prices based on store it store as multivalue like:-

allPrices_string_mv":["89.99_0.0_0.0_A", "89.99_0.0_0.0_A", "89.99_0.0_0.0_A"],

Expected result is :- "allPrices_usd_0002_string":"89.99_0.0_0.0_A", "allPrices_usd_0003_string":"89.99_0.0_0.0_A", "allPrices_usd_0004_string":"89.99_0.0_0.0_A", "allPrices_usd_0009_string":"89.99_0.0_0.0_A",

can anyone help here.