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Jul 17, 2019 at 10:45 AM

(PriceRow) dateRange issue


When Europe1PriceFactory loads valid prices for a product, it filters all price rows by many different attributes, dateRange included

The priceFactory uses PriceRowBasicData that has the following method (where the input date is the order/cart date):

   public boolean isDateInRange(Date date) {
         return this.startTime == null || this.endTime == null || (new StandardDateRange(this.startTime, this.endTime)).encloses(date);

This means that if a price row has either no startTime or endTime, the method returns true. Uhm...IMO, that's wrong.

If a price row has validFrom = null, and validTo = yesterday, the method MUST return false!

Anyone similar problems ? Am I missing something ?