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Jul 10, 2019 at 03:21 PM

Hybris 1811 Smartedit infinite loading once added config for custom smartedit extension


Hi all, I'm installing in my local the b2c accelerator of the Hybris 1811 from zip CXCOMM181100P_6-70004085. I installed that using Installer Recipes, and then I created 5 custom extensions:

  • 1 services

  • 1 facades

  • 1 addonstorefront (I installed this addon on the yacceleratorstorefront template)

  • 1 backoffice

  • 1 smartedit

Everything seems to be fine until that I add the configuration for the custom smartedit extension in the smartedit. Once I do that, and I go to page preview the page keep and infinite loading without end.

To install the smartedit I followed the following guide and same to create and plug my custom smartedit extension:

Even if I just install the b2c accelerator from Recipes and the I add just my custom smartedit extension, once I add the new configuration with the keys applications.smartedittraining and applications.smartedittrainingContainer, the preview keep loading and loading.

Did anyone had the same issue and found a solution?