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Jul 10, 2019 at 09:23 AM

How to customize Europe1PriceFactory and put your custom logic in it?


Hi Experts,

In our project a single product can have a multiple price row with a valid stnd end date and we wanted that the price row should be returned based on the price row creation time i.e the most recently created price row. So we thought of overriding the Europe1PriceFactory class and its method - matchPriceRowForPrice() in this method we want to put our custom logic. But although we created a custom price factory but still the OOTB price factory class is called only. Below are the steps that i followed for overriding the price factory. 1. Crated a new class that extends Europe1PriceFacotory public class EtradeEurope1PriceFactory extends Europe1PriceFactory { public PriceRow matchPriceRowForPrice() {

} }

This class i have created in CustomeB2BCoreExtension.

  1. Then injected the bean into customb2bcore-spring.xml

Any help is highly appreciated here.