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Jul 01, 2019 at 04:18 PM

How can I render a an attribute of a child in editor area of product cockpit


For the same type we have code as below:

For list view

  <context merge-by="type" parent="GenericItem" type="PartFitsModel" component="listview">
             <list-view:column qualifier="product"/>
              <list-view:column qualifier=""/> 
              <list-view:column qualifier="modelJd"/> 
             <list-view:column qualifier="comment"/>

For editor area

 <context merge-by="type" parent="GenericItem" type="PartFitsModel" component="editor-area">
         <editorArea:editorArea name="">
                 <editorArea:essentialSection name="hmc.essential">
                     <editorArea:attribute qualifier="product"/>
                     <editorArea:attribute qualifier=""/>

But the doesnot work for editor area.

modelJd is a type in partFitsModel, and name is an attribute in modelJd type. It works with listview but not with editor area. Should I have to write a renderer.