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Jun 19, 2019 at 09:48 AM

Product level promotion for products of the same brand and if the collective quantity is greater than a number x


Is there a way in Hybris to declare the below promotion rules

WHEN cart contains entries whose product code is "123" , "234" or "345" and the sum of quantity of the entries of these product(which matched the above criteria of product code is "123" , "234" or "345") is greater than or equal 5 THEN give 10% discounts on these products

If the quantity of 123 is 5 then the promotion fires with the OOB product promotion

But the below case do now work Quantity of 123 -1 Quantity of 234 -2 Quantity of 345 -3

In the above case we would like to get product level discounts for product 123,234,345