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Apr 09, 2019 at 07:25 PM

Endless loading/reloading of SmartEdit after adding ABanalytics


Hello! Short preview of my problem is in the GIF animation in the bottom.

I'm using Hybris 1811 and I have set up a SmartEdit in a way explained here:

But at the step (in the instruction above) where I have uncommented the impex data from essentialdata_smartedittraining.impex I have problems: When I open electronics-store in the SmartEdit (and want to try out the AB-Analytics-perspective) then it reloads endlessly, so that if I wait like 5 Minutes even my browser crashes. When I delete a ;applications.smartedittraining;{"smartEditLocation":"/smartedittraining/smartedittraining/js/smartedittraining.js"} from the essentialdata_smartedittraining.impex then the SMartEdit stops to reload endlessly and I can use it, but I can not try out the AB-Analytics-perspective.

There are no errors in the console where I start my hybris server. The only I can see in the Browser-Inspector that it reloads all SmartEdit's js-files.

I already searched for solutions here: I have added WCMS Cockpit Preview URL to Backoffice > WCMS > Website > WCMS Cockpit Properties.

I will be very thankful for your hints and help! Regards!

alt text