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Mar 18, 2019 at 01:35 PM

Shipping to multiple locations


Suppose that B2BCustomer 'C1' is attached to B2BUnit 'BX' and that 'BX' has delivery addresses 'A1' and 'A2'. Or suppose that 'C1' is attached to B2BUnits 'BX' and 'BY' (each with their own delivery addresses).

Now 'C1' creates a cart that has products 'P1' and 'P2' and the customer wants 'P1' delivered to 'A1', and 'P2' to 'A2'.

Is it possible to handle this with existing OOTB functionality or would it require much customization? And in general, what are the best practises with "delivery to multiple locations"? Any existing document/article on this topic? (I have searched but couldn't find anything as specific)