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Mar 12, 2019 at 10:35 AM

How can I intercept a datahub error and retry the same data on a different item type?


Hi Experts,

I have a complex use case scenario on which I request your help:

My requirement is:

We have 2 independent sets of item types in hybris - say MyProduct(extends Product) and MyVariant(extends VariantProduct) . Lets say there are 20 instances of MyProduct type and 5 instances of MyVariant item type in hybris.

Datahub has 2 target type - TargetMyProduct with exportCode MyProduct and the TargetMyVariant with export code MyVariant. Both these datahub item types process same set of product attributes as both of them eventually extends product item type in hierarchy.

While publication, each of these target item types in datahub will process (20+5=25) rows each and throw errors for type mismatch (5 unresolved errors for TargetMyProduct and 20 for TargetMyVariant publication).

Is there a way for datahub to know beforehand the itemtype instances in hybris so that it can filter and send to datahub adapter only the eligible rows for each of the target item types?

Thanks in advance! Rahul