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Jan 31, 2019 at 02:34 PM

Data Hub cache


Hi Experts,

I have performed following steps:

1) Created one attribute say XYZ of string type then I imported data for XYZ from cvs into Hybris 1808. Everything worked fine for me.

2) Removed attribute XYZ from all 3 xml files(raw, canonical and target) and added new attribute ABC.

3) Imported data for ABC from cvs into Hybris 1808. This also worked fine.

4) I just wanted to check if everything is working fine so I checked DataHub's database.

5) In canonicalattrdef table's referenceattribute column I can still see getField('XYZ') attribute.

I have set datahub.autoInitMode=create-drop in which is clearing the database on startup(Verified it). I have verified all the jars in opt\datahub\extensions, it does not contain XYZ.

So my question is from where is this XYZ coming? I have tried this many times with different attribute name but getting the same. Is datahub caching data some where?